What We Do

We build websites — more specifically, writing the code that makes the website look and work the way you want it to.

The complete development of a website can be roughly split into three stages:

  1. Designing the site. This might be based on your existing site design if you're looking to extend your current site, or we can recommend a designer if it's a new site or you feel your site needs a fresh lick of paint.
  2. Writing the code. This is the stage that turns the images of what the site should look like into a functioning website. Usually this takes the form of a few different page templates for general content pages, news/blog pages, and contact forms, but each site usually has a few special features specific to each client and this is where the bespoke nature of our work comes into play — you won't be limited by the capabilities of off-the-shelf software packages.
  3. Hosting the site. Our sites are coded with inexpensive site hosting in mind, usually in PHP and MySQL and able to run on Linux or Windows. This means the site should run on your existing hosting package if you have one, or we can organise the hosting for you if you don't.

Though we specialise in the code-writing stage we can organise hosting for the finished website if you do not already have this in place and can bring in a designer should the project require a fresh design.

This allows us to cater to different types of project, whether it's development of a complete website from start to finish, or updating an existing site with new functionality. To get an idea of the sort of projects we've worked on, please take a look at our portfolio.

All of our sites put you in charge of your content — once built you will be able to log in to a content management system that will let you change the text and images throughout the site.