We build websites and have worked on around 100 over the past 10 years.
If you need a new website we'd love to help you get it put together!

Bespoke websites that look and work exactly the way you want them to

We build all of our websites on our own platform, allowing us to do so quickly and efficiently, and it also means we are not restricted by limitations of off-the-shelf platforms and so are free to build the site according to your exact requirements - whether that's in design or functionality.

We've been able to use the same core technology to build a broad variety of sites, from consumer-facing sites for small businesses or exhibitions to sophisticated web-based business applications. However your site needs to look or act, or whichever external services it may need to interact with, we can build that for you!

We make it easy for you to maintain your site content

Our sites include a set of content editing tools that are designed to make it easy for you to make changes to your site content. For the public-facing parts of the site you can edit most content by clicking on where it appears on the page which will bring up the appropriate editor, letting you type in new text, upload images and files, or link to embedded media for example. Clicking the save button closes the editor and your changes are now live!

For data that's not publicly visible or assigned to a specific public page, such as registered customer records or your product catalogue, we provide a back-end that you can log into that provides a full set of structured editing tools allowing you to add, edit or delete items, with filtering, searching and reporting features to make keeping track of everything easier.

Simple hosting requirements, high performance

We can of course organise hosting your site for you, but if you'd prefer to host the site yourself on your own server then most hosting providers offer the PHP and MySQL support that our sites require. We also take care to ensure performance is kept high through careful programming and common page speed optimisation techniques, even when sites are running on modest hardware.

Why not get in touch?

For a small selection of some of the public projects we've worked on in the past please see our portfolio. This website also provides a little more more information about what we do, and if you're interested in learning more or just want to chat about a possible project please contact us!